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Vertical University is a registered ANBI status organization with a mission to become a financial support system to the Vertical University Project in Nepal. Our mission is to build on the global support network of the project to become a global community. 



  • To become a fundraising entity in Europe for the Vertical University project for KTK-BELT, a US-based 501(c)3 entity, with a vision to build the Vertical University project in Nepal from Koshi Tappu to Kanchenjunga. 

  • To raise funds amongst others through a monthly subscription program from the Students of the Vertical University

  • To collaborate with self-funded artists and scientists that combine biodiversity and arts to teach, write, research and perform as the Vertical University Masterclass/ Vertical University Fellows in Nepal.

  • To provide grants and technical support on a yearly basis, through the Vertical University Prize to indigenous youth, community groups, and organizations that embody the mission and vision of the Vertical University project (around the world): 

    • Outdoor place-based education programs targeting marginalized rural children 

    • Indigenous knowledge documentation programs 

    • Youth-led conservation programs 


Board of Directors 

Xander Straat


Mark Van Doesburg 


Priyanka Bista


Rajeev Goyal 


Advisory Board

Florine Gongriep

Wiebe van der Molen

Ryan Gellert 

Christiane Bosman

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